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Flexibility Exercises to Help You on the Pole

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Bar Babes, we can’t stress enough how important it is to partake in flexibility exercises. When you take to the poll during class, or workouts, or professionally, your body is going to have to move in ways it wouldn't normally move. Therefore, taking the take to increase your flexibility, and stretching is one of the MOST important aspects to really looking and feeling comfortable with the pole. So, let’s talk about a few exercises you can do to begin your journey to improve your flexibility.

1. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides, loosely relaxed.

2. Roll your shoulders up, back, and down. Your thumbs should be pointing forward as you start the move. Palms point forward, elbows slightly bent, as you finish each shoulder roll.

3. Now reverse the movement so your shoulders role forwards, down, back and up. Repeat several times.

1. Start with your feet wide apart, legs straight and right foot pointing to the side. Stretch arms wide open at chest level, palms facing forwards.

2. Slowly bend your right knee, lowering yourself down to the right side, ensuring your feet are wide enough so your knee does not extend beyond the line of your toes.

3. At the same time, tilt your whole body to the right, keeping the spine long and the arms outstretched.

4. Lower as far as you can, keeping abs pulled in tight, bottom tucked under and hips square to the front.

5. Reach the right hand towards the floor and the left to the ceiling.

6. Try to hold for 15-30 seconds. You should feel a stretch in the right hamstring, left inner thigh, left waist, chest and front of shoulders.

7. Slowly return to center and repeat on the left side.

1. Stand with feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart, facing forwards.

2. Step forward with your left foot. Flex your left foot up towards you.

3. Bend forward at your hips and place your hands on your left thigh. Keep your left leg straight as you slightly bend the right knee.

4. Feel the stretch along your left hamstring. Hold for 30-60 seconds then switch sides.

These are just a few very simple movements to get you started. We would suggest searching YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok for many more routines that you can follow. Some of them may only take 30 minutes of your day. These few movements can really benefit you looking and feeling the most confident the minute you take a swing during your next session with us.

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