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Pole Dancing for Curvy Women

Everything you should know about plus size pole dancing and pole fitness.

What is the ideal body type when it comes to pole dancing? Usually, when people think of this question, they imagine skinny girls with sexy figures gracefully dancing on a pole. However, that assumption or thought is the furthest thing away from the truth. If anything, it is a misconception that has plagued society for ages.

Can Curvy or Plus Size Girls Pole Dance?

Pole dancing has no ‘right’ body type. It is open to all sizes and shapes. And that includes plus-size girls.

Plus size girls can participate in pole fitness dancing too. This dance form is a great way for people to lose weight and get some physical exercise done. Hence, when you see heavier or plus-size women participating in it, you better not ridicule them. They may or may not be doing it for weight loss, but that should not matter. Because with a bit of determination and encouragement, anyone can pole dance irrespective of their body’s shape and size.

Is Pole Dancing Easier for Skinnier Women?

Pole dancing is not easy for anyone. However, those with a skinny or slim figure can indeed ease into it a lot faster. Even then, it is hard for them to hold their body weight in the beginning. Pole fitness dancing takes time for learners to perfect. Hence, no one can ever pull off a perfect swing on a pole on their first few tries. And it does not matter how slim or heavy they are.

Can Pole Dancing Classes Help Curvy Women?

Yes, pole dancing classes can help full figured women learn. Attending an hour-long session every weekday would be a good start. Some classes might be two hours long, depending on the content. If you are doing weekend classes, you better make sure you are at least getting an hour-long practice at home each day.

Apart from showing you the moves and how to get on the pole, your instructor might recommend making dietary changes. That is usually seen if the learner wants to lose weight too.

Wearing the right pole fitness training-wear also helps. The Waist Trainer Pole Shorts from The BAR Babes Pole Shop is something you will particularly be interested in. These sweat-inducing shorts can burn more off your waistline.

Repeated training sessions in these shorts from BAR Babes Pole Shop will help with your weight loss a lot quicker.

What is it Like for Curvy Girls When They Start Pole Dancing?

At first, you will find it difficult to pick yourself up. Your body will hardly respond to your calls. You will fall, hurt yourself, and even get bruises. All that will continue for at least a few weeks. But eventually, things will improve.

After a few regular practice sessions, one day you will realize that your body is responding to you. The movements you are attempting are falling in line. And while they may not be perfect, they are still somewhat similar to what your instructors showed you.

Slowly, your body will grow more comfortable with the strain you put on it. The strain, alongside the sweating, will help with your weight loss. And as you lose weight, you will become more flexible and can perform the moves even better. Soon, you will become better at pole dancing than even some of the slimmer girls out there. So do not let anyone tell you that curvy girls cannot do pole dancing.

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