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Hand Grips Used in Pole Dancing

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

One of the unique aspects of pole dancing is the variety of grips that one can use when engaging in this form of exercise. This is our guide to the different hand grips you can use when pole dancing.

  1. Baseball Grip

This is the simplest hand grip you will likely learn in pole dancing. Grip the pole like you’re gripping a baseball bat, with one hand higher up the pole than the other.

  1. Cup Grip

For this relatively simple grip, the dancer cups their hands on the pole, with one hand higher than the other.

  1. Goofy Grip

The Goofy Grip looks, well, a little bit goofy or uncomfortable at first, hence its name. The dancer takes their left arm and grips the side of the pole facing them. Then, the dancer takes their right arm around to the other side of the pole with their shoulder still on the side of the pole facing them. This grip is perfect for inverted moves.

  1. Twisted Grip

The Twisted Grip is when the dancer uses their bottom hand to grab the side of the pole facing them. Their shoulder on their top arm, however, is rotated so that the dancer can grab the pole on the opposite side. This hand grip is ideal for a twisted grip handspring or a pencil, both inverted.

  1. Tabletop Hold

This grip is a bit more complicated than the rest. The dancer holds the bar under their top arm’s armpit and hugs the pole with their arm and hand. The bottom arm comes around the back of the dancer and holds the pole.

  1. Princess Grip

In this grip, the dancer rests one of their shoulders against the pole. The arm connected to that shoulder wraps up around the pole so that their hand is facing away from their face. The other arm crosses in front of the dancer’s face and that hand holds the pole as well.

  1. Half-Bracket Grip

In this grip, the dancer reaches up high above their head and grabs the pole. For your bottom arm, you’ll want to bend it at a 90-degree angle and grab the pole.

  1. Split Grip

This is a grip perfect for lots of spin moves. Reach your top arm out and grab the pole. Your bottom hand will grab the pole with your index finger facing towards the floor, not towards you.

  1. Anchor Grip

Your bottom arm will be bent in the shape of an L with your forearm against the pole, and you will hold the pole with your bottom hand. With your opposite hand, reach above your head and hold the pole.

  1. Stronghold

Take your bottom arm like you’re hugging the pole and grasp it with your hand. Then use your top arm to come around the front of your face and hold above your bottom hand. Think about how you would give the pole a hug, and that’s what this grip looks like!

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