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How long does it take to lose weight from pole dancing?

The world was losing its mind when the New York Post ran a story about a Canadian mother who lost 120 pounds through pole dancing. This story went viral when the Post released it in June last year. And it made a lot of people wonder how pole dancing can help lose weight. More importantly, it made them wonder how long it takes for one to lose weight from pole dancing.

The 26-year old Jessica Wilson from the New York Post story lost 120 pounds in only 18 months. She achieved this incredible feat by practicing pole dancing several times a day.

However, the weight loss process will not be the same for everyone. While we know that Wilson practiced several times a day, we do not know for how long, or what moves and tricks she did. We also have no idea about the diet she followed during the time.

But by analyzing similar case studies like that of Wilson, we can say that you will need at least three pole dancing or pole fitness dancing sessions each week to continuously lose weight. Most of these sessions should be an hour long. However, if you can allocate some extra time for additional practice, that will prove to be more beneficial to you.

And in doing all that, you can lose at least 40 to 60 pounds within a year, or even more.

How Pole Dancing Leads to Weight Loss

Like many other aerobic exercises, pole fitness dancing helps you lose weight by making you sweat and burn fat. That works better when you wear sweat-inducing Waist Trainer Pole Shorts, like the ones from The BAR Babes Pole Shop. These shorts from BAR Babes let you burn more off your waistline. And in doing so, they allow you to burn more fat in a shorter period. That, in turn, makes you lose weight faster, and more efficiently.

Dietary Recommendations for Pole Dancers

Pole fitness dancing will surely help you lose weight. However, for more effective results, and better weight loss, you will have to bring changes to your daily diet too.

Here are a few dietary recommendations for when you are trying to lose weight through pole dancing.

● Eat only when you are hungry. While experts and professionals will recommend a six-meal routine per day, you need not force it on yourself. If three meals a day works for you, let that be your dietary routine.

● Include more protein in your diet. Chicken and salmon serve as great protein sources. For a plant-based diet, you should opt for green and leafy vegetables, as well as lots of fruits.

● Drink at least four liters of water every day. Completely avoid fizzy drinks. Also, try to avoid coffee and caffeine in general. These substances will reduce your stamina, and hinder your performance when attempting various pole dancing moves and tricks.

● Limit your junk food consumption and your alcohol intake. You can have them once a week as part of your cheat-day meal.

● Get the mandatory eight hours of sleep, and at night. Do not sleep during the day, or take naps throughout the day to cover for the eight-hour sleeping time. Most importantly, move as much as you can. Even while doing tasks like talking on the phone or reading a book, just walk around a bit.

Final Thoughts

Pole dancing surely helps lose weight. And you can see visible results in just a matter of weeks or months. However, the more you practice, and the more regular you are, the better the results will be. So keep that in mind before you start pole fitness dancing to lose weight.

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